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Hello, Welcome to mirrormerch.

The thought of mirrormerch came to my mind when I was sitting in a camper van on the east coast of Australia a few years back. The year I decided to pack up and move to South America. An incredible year.

Affirmations have been an incredible thing in my life, they helped me get out of the counciousness of the thought that I wasn't good enough.

I spent hours in front of the mirror saying, I love you, you are worthy. Looking straight into my eyes saying those words, balling my eyes out.

But now I look into a mirror and say I love you, you are magic and it is the best feeling in the world.

I even write them in the shower when the glass fogs up.

Enjoy the process of affirmations.

Creator - Sam Young xx

Insta @sam.young23 TikTok @samyoung1990

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